Jeff (master_godfrey) wrote in atenveldt,

Estrella Battle Scenario Suggestion form is Live

Here is your chance to influence some battles at the Estrella War before they are even fought!

I just finished and made live the Combat Scenario Suggestion form. 

Take a gander at it over at  Then make your suggestions known!

The form is both for Rapier and Heavy Combat scenarios.  It will only be live for a few weeks, so get your suggestions in now!

Here is the official announcement:


"The Principal Kingdoms for Estrella War XXV (Atenveldt, Caid and Outlands) are soliciting ideas for armored combat and rapier scenarios to be including in the Estrella War XXV Treaty. To make it easy to send in suggestions, an online "scenario submission" link has been created on the

"Normally, we ask that scenario suggestions be emailed or mailed to the Principal Kingdom Crowns in August, so they can be considered for inclusion in the first draft of the Treaty. But we hope that having an online submission form on the website will make it easier for people to send in their ideas," said Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, the Estrella War Treaty Negotiations Coordinator.

Rapier scenarios submitted through the website will be sent to the Principal Kingdom Marshals of Fence for possible inclusion in the Treaty, and the armored combat scenarios will be reviewed by the Principal Kingdom Crowns/Heirs as they define the armored combat portion of the Treaty.

The Crowns/Heirs of the Principal Kingdoms draft, negotiate, sign and publish an Estrella War Treaty each year to define the medieval activities and competitions held at that year's Estrella War. This year, the treaty is being drafted in late August/early September, so it can be negotiated, finalized and signed at the October 18, 2008 Treaty Negotiation Meeting of the Crowns/Heirs for the Kingdoms of Atenveldt, Caid and the Outlands.

To send in your scenario ideas, use the "Submit a combat scenario for the Estrella War Treaty" link on the HOME page of website. Scenarios must be submitted by August 23, 2008 to be considered for the Estrella War XXV (Feb 2009)
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