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Greetings & Salutations

Hello All. My name is Bronwyn. I am writing a term paper in folk lore on a story I grew up hearing from my father. I am looking for gray hairs or children of gray hairs who were around when the land of the sun was started. I am not sure on the date of the events but it has to do with a man by the Name of Thomas ap Thomas Thorhime Krackens Bane (I am really not sure on the spelling) and a war hammer named fist of god. If you know any of the following lords, My father says that they were around or in charge at the time and may know the story I am looking to research. And if you know any SCA Bards who know of the "no shit there I was stories" who might know this stuff. Please please please if you can help me with this I am in desperate spot with this.

Master Arther, Joe bethcourt, Bobby Roundpounder, Paul Edwin Zimmer
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