Wishing for Wings That Work (cowboy_r) wrote in atenveldt,
Wishing for Wings That Work

A&S Classes at Southern Crusades XII (Atenveldt)

Good Gentles All,

It is now four months until Southern Crusades, which is a third of a year. That seems a long time, but it will pass before we know how. It is, therefore, time to start thinking about what class you can teach at the Southern Crusades XII. You know that thing you do, which people are always asking you how it's done? You could teach a class in it. You know that thing people are always asking you to do for them? You can teach a class in that, too. That thing that you're sitting there, thinking now, "Should I teach a class in that?" The answer is yes.

The A&S sessions will run on Friday, the 12th of November 2010, and Saturday, the 13th of November. When you write to let me know what you'll be teaching, please also let me know if you prefer to teach on Friday or Saturday; during the morning or afternoon.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and contribution to the continuance of knowledge in this current Age of Chivalry!

Björn the Navigator
A&S Steward, SC XII
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