raventhourne (raventhourne) wrote in atenveldt,

Clarification of How to Send in your Pre-Reg for entries in the A&S Competition

Greetings all,

Currently there are very few people that have 1)pre-reg'd for their entries in the Kingdom A&S on October 4th and 2)the Deadline is for things to be postmarked by Sept 4th.

On another list we were discussing this and one thing that was not as clear as it could have been is that you can email the information directly to the Kingdom A&S office without the form but you need to fill in *all* of the information from the form. See previous email links to get to the form.

So, if you have any questions please contact the Kingdom A&S office or respond on the list. We just want to make sure that everyone has a chance to enter before the deadline.

Posadnitsa Ianuk, OL.
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