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War Practices Thank Yous and Upcoming War Practices

First, I want to state a heart felt Huzzah to the autocrats of the
Phoenix War Practice for a great site, with nice grass; to the War
Kitchen for wonderful soup for the fighters; the waterbearers and
chiurgeons for taking such good care of us and to Sundragon for
providing tent space for court and a very good event. Huzzah!

Second, I want to commend each and every person who was on the fields
yesterday, whether it be hard suit, rapier or archery. The looks on
all of the faces while at closing court were that mixture of
exhaustion, adrenaline and mirth that can only be seen after a hard
day of fighting. Looking to my right at my husband Ivan and to my
left to Baron Thomas as they (and myself) struggled to stand up during
court made me realize that a good day was had by all. The warriors of
Atenveldt shine.

But something was missing that made the day not so bright. Mayhaps it
was the threatening weather around the kingdom, maybe it was the
allure of fantasy worlds powered by joysticks and keyboards or maybe
it was the plague of sickness that kept many of His Majesty Eduard's
army at home. What ever the reason, our numbers were small and that
is a sad state to be in this few weeks before war.

It is now that I entreat you Atenveldt to shake the rust off of your
armor, clean up your blades and check the fletchings on your arrows to
show Their Royal Majesty's Eduard and Asa that the Army of Atenveldt
outshines even the Sun! Atenveldt is lucky that our weather is fair
and we can fight whenever we please in our land. Our enemies fight in
barns and schoolhouses to attempt to prepare for the War of Heroes and
the War of Valor!

Come out all to the fields of Florence this Sunday and the parks of
Tucson the following Sunday. Bring your friends, carpool for good days
of fighting in weather that is only better in Vallhalla!

See you on the field.

Posadnitsa Ianuk
Baroness of Tir Ysgithr

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